Portsmouth Deep Water Cargo Terminal


The Portsmouth Cargo Terminal is currently undergoing a 20 year masterplan of improvements to maximise the terminal’s potential.

Phase one of the masterplan included significant redevelopment of the current site and the removal of two warehouses to create additional space on the quayside for container storage. Castings Services Ltd were tasked with supplying access covers for the project.

The challenge:

The design requirements were for E600 loading (600kN/60 tonnes) access covers with various openings, the largest of which being a lengthy 4000mm x 750mm.

The design requirements were for E600 loading (60kN) access covers with various openings, the largest of which being a lengthy 4000mm x 750mm.

The large volume of traffic at the shipping terminal meant Castings Services Ltd had a strict delivery plan to adhere to, sending the order out on a call off basis and following the very specific delivery instructions given by the customer and the site manager.

The solution:

The team at Castings Services worked on the design requirements and utilised the extensive Ermatic access cover range at their disposal to find the perfect solutions.

Ermatic access covers have machine seated lids, which make for an air, gas and watertight seal to stop any unwanted gases escaping from the underground chambers into the dockyard, and to avoid any surface water from falling into the chambers.

The Ermatic modular unit design allows for a wide range of configurations, ensuring that even the biggest chamber opening sizes can be achieved and no sizes are too ‘obscure’.

The 600kN E600 load rating makes for adequate support so that even the heaviest of loading vehicles often found in dockyards such as straddle carriers, container reach stackers and fork-lift trucks can traffic the access covers without any issues.

Castings Services Ltd have a vast amount of storage space available at the Salford depot, which enabled the company to hold the stock required by the dock so that the units could be called off for delivery at the request of the site manager.

For enquiries please contact: [email protected] or 0161 745 9095.

“The sales team at Castings Servcies were fantastic, as is always the case. They used their depth of industry knowledge to provide the best solutions and delivered against a strict delivery scheduele. Thank you.”

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