D400 Manhole Covers

600 X 600 X 150 DT D400 CS

D400 Manhole Covers – Suitable for carriageways of roads, hard shoulders and parking areas for all types of road going vehicles.

Our D400 manhole covers are tested and certified in compliance with BS EN124 and are also fully compliant with CD534, HA104/09 and BS7903. We also subject our covers to additional tests such as randomly placed load tests which aren’t outlined in any standard but are more in line with real life scenarios.

The covers we produce are suitable for many applications; storm drains and sewers, telecom and street lighting duct chambers, railway and motorway communications chambers included.

Key Features:

  • UK designed and engineered
  • Double triangular, non-rock lids
  • Hinged for one man operation
  • Anti-slip tread pattern
  • CD534/HA104 Compliant
  • BS7903 Compliant
  • EN124-2 Compliant

Optional Extras

  • Covers can be locked with standard or high security locking systems
  • Bespoke embossed badges and logos
  • Sealing plates
  • Walk on safety grill & fall protection

Product Specification

Load ClassClear Opening (mm)Over Base (mm)Depth (mm)Product Code
D400450 x 450600 x 600100MDD4545
D400600 x 450750 x 600100MDD6045
D400600 x 600750 x 750100/150MDD6060
D400675 x 675825 x 825100/150MDD6767
D400750 x 600900 x 750100/150MDD7560
D400750 x 750900 x 900100/150MDD7575
D400900 x 6001050 x 750100/150MDD9060
D400900 x 9001050 x 1050100/150MDD9090
D4001000 x 10001150 x 1150100/150MDD100100
D4001200 x 12001350 x 1350100/150MDD120120
D4001220 x 6751370 x 825100/150MDD120067
D4001200 x 7501350 x 900100/150MDD120075
D4001200 x 9001350 x 1050100/150MDD120090
D4001830 x 6751980 x 825100/150MDD183067
D4001500 x 7501650 x 900100/150MDD150075
D4001800 x 9001950 x 1050100/150MDD180090
D4002250 x 7502420 x 940100/150MDD225075
D4001050 x 10501200 x 1200100/150MDD105105
D4001060 x 7001210 x 850100/150MDD106070
D4001340 x 9001500 x 1060100/150MDD134090
D4001300 x 8001450 x 950100/150MDD130080
D4002010 x 9002170 x 940100/150MDD201090

As part of our ongoing commitment to product development we reserve the right to change all or part of our product design without notice.

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