Docks and Runways

Castings Services has a long track record in supplying F900 Ermatic access covers, gully grates and duct covers for runways and dockland areas which is testament to our commitment to quality and product selection.

In our 30 years of supplying F900 gully grates and Ermatic covers to runways in the UK and abroad, we have not had a single issue or product failure and airport operators and major contractors are confident in not in only our ability to supply the perfect product but to meet the demanding timescales for project completion.

There is a no more testing environment for F900 manholes than an airport runway particularly in today’s age of supersized planes like the Airbus A380 and likewise, projects of this nature are equally demanding on the civil engineers and contractors involved. It is therefore imperative that suppliers to prestigious projects such as these fully understand all aspects of the design and build process.

Project And Cost Management

Project and Cost Management

For major projects we assign a senior member of our team to act as a single point of contact, they follow the entire project through from inception to completion so, in the early stages of the project they will work closely with the architects and civil engineers to understand the specific demands and budget requirements of the project. They will then work the other suppliers to ensure product compatibility and logistics so, as an example, we will work the chosen precast concrete supplier to ensure our F900 loading trench covers work suitably with their concrete channel and that the products will arrive on site at the same time.

Off Site Construction

Airside work is extremely demanding for obvious reasons and we therefore encourage off site construction of chambers and cover slabs wherever possible. Our partnership with precast concrete specialists Kjilstra means that we can supply cover slabs straight to site with F900 covers pre-installed, this speeds up construction and means that the covers have been installed in an ideal environment by fully trained and experienced specialists. Alternatively, where engineers prefer to cast cover slabs themselves, we can deliver in to the site compound on a call off basis.

Off Site Construction

Large Span Multipart Covers

The majority of F900 access covers used on airports and docklands are covering very large chambers for that reason we work with EJ (East Jordan Ironworks, formerly Norinco UK) and Elkington Gatic to offer Ermatic and Gatic covers. Gatic or Ermatic covers can be assembled to suit any size of access chamber and weight loading from B125 to F900. They are often used on runway lighting pit covers and dockland drainage. Both cover types have machined lids so that the covers are gas, air and water tight and can only be opened with special seal breaking manhole cover keys. The covers are available in solid top or recessed for concrete infill and can be assembled to cover standard access chambers or in a linear fashion as duct covers. There are also a number of additional features and accessories that can be incorporated in to these covers such as walk on safety grids, assisted lift manhole cover struts and smaller lids within the main the lid which act as a peephole access cover giving quick access to fire hydrants or monitoring equipment.

Large Span Multipart Covers

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