In keeping with our commitment to quality and high standards Castings Services took the decision to only offer true D400 products which are suitable for any highway application.

Some manhole cover manufacturers offer two or three versions of a D400 product, such as an “Estate” range, a full specification D400 and then a HA104 compliant product which is charged at a premium.

The problem with offering covers and road gullies that do not meet the full requirement is that, unless everybody in the supply chain is fully aware of the differences, there is a fair chance that these products could end up in a carriageway situation where they will fail catastrophically and could potentially endanger life.

To make things easier for our customers we offer just the one range of products which are fully compliant with all of the standards including CD534, HA104, BS EN124-2 and BS7903 and we do not charge a premium for these products. The advantage of this is that merchants only have to carry one line of stock and they can be confident that whether the road gully or manhole cover ends up on a side road or a dual carriageway, there will be no comebacks.

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